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Our Investment Philosophy & Statement

Every investment involves risk and reward. How do you manage your portfolio? You should have a blueprint. Large companies and wealthy people manage risk. You should too. So how do you do this?

You should have a set of guidelines for checks and balances with your investments. You need to have an Investment Policy Statement. Work with us and we will help you create your own Investment Policy Statement.


The Financial Coaching Group’s investment philosophy is grounded in mathematics, science and academia. We think of it as “rules” or “facts-based” investing, not financial fiction.

Nobel-Prize Financial research leads the way in understanding risk and return in securities markets. Peer reviewed academic research offers a strong foundation on which to develop investment principles. Our tenets are primarily based on firmly established academic theories, backed by data and logic. We believe analysis of historical performance, over long periods of time and across geographies, lends useful insight when projecting future performance.

Structure, or asset mix, determines most of the performance in a diversified portfolio. Investors choose asset classes to play different roles in a portfolio, and their appetite for risk guides their asset allocation. That’s the easy stuff…

The hard part is what we do: It is constructing a portfolio that gives you the highest return with the least risk. It can be done with a technique called mean variance optimization, which is close enough to rocket science to have won its creator, Harry Markowitz, a Nobel Prize in 1990 and the academic science asset pricing and markets which won Eugene Fama the Nobel Prize in 2013.


We’ve got this down to the science of capital markets: It’s a pre-constructed, risk-measured portfolios based on your risk tolerance, time horizon, investment needs and goals. Together, let’s select the smart one for you.


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