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Our investing approach combines the use of low-cost asset-class funds with research-based diversification strategies. Take a close look and you’ll understand why smarter investors invest with The Financial Coaching Group.

If you’re like many long-term investors, you are weary of brokers and financial advisors who claim they “pick winners” and “beat the market.” When really, their track record suggests they merely squander your earnings on fees and commissions.

Fortunately, there is a better, smarter and more efficient way to invest. A method grounded in financial science — not the puffery of Wall Street advertising campaigns. It’s a system that removes cost, complexity and unnecessary risk from the investment process. It’s the approach employed by The Financial Coaching Group.

Our Approach is the common-sense path to financial freedom. It’s rules-based investing. All you have to do is learn the rules.

Guided by Nobel Prize-winning research, we offer our clients a menu of pre-constructed portfolios that make choosing and implementing a personal investment strategy simpler than ever. We are committed to adding value — and subtracting cost — with your investment decisions.


We believe that real value is delivered not in trying to outperform the market, but in constructing portfolios that capitalize on the market’s long-term growth. That’s what our portfolios are built to do — at lower cost than traditional financial services firms can deliver.

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